Dear You,

100_1104Are you sitting comfortably? Comfort is important before we begin to talk. I’m pretty comfortable in my thick charcoal gray sweater and grasping a penguin mug filled to the brim with hot coffee. How do you like your coffee? I was told once that how a person enjoys their coffee says a lot about them. Me? I usually mix in three spoons of sugar and a couple drizzles of creamer in mine. If I can get my hands on some Bailey’s Irish Cream I might put a shot of that in but that’s only on special occasions.

Anyway, 2014 was pretty rough from what you’ve told me. I’ve been with you from the start. My heart got wrapped up in that pain of yours and all I wanted to do was curl you up in my arms and rock you back and forth until the pain was just a dull ache in your soul. I can’t do that though. In school I was told that any problems the client is experiencing must be understood but not felt. We were also told not to use contractions so I hope you understand that I cannot use them anymore from this point on.

So, how are things? I know you have lost a lot. Just remember that the loss you are feeling will pass. There are grander things ahead. When something is taken from your life it is making room for better things.

What do you stand for? What makes you come alive? It is impossible to live life to the fullest when your feet are not firmly planted in assurance of who you are and what you stand for. Have you forgotten the things that brought joy to your heart? Never forget. That is the quickest way to fall into depression. Do not rely on people for happiness. Only God can give you that joy that never ends. He gives you those passions that start a fire in your heart. Find ways to use that fire to change the world. When you use those gifts the worries in your heart become smaller. Reach out to others instead of retreating inside and tearing yourself apart.

Why do you lie to yourself? Why do you allow the negative thoughts to swirl in your mind like a hurricane? I wish you could see what I see. Not only do you shine but you have so many uniquely beautiful qualities. People will love you when you choose to see the beauty within. Yes…acknowledge the faults but move forward from the mistakes.

Who has not screwed up in their life? Everybody has at one point in time. So you are not any less worthy than anybody else of love or respect, happiness or fulfillment. Everybody needs to talk about things and everybody goes through valleys at times. While you are going through the valley do not forget that it will not last forever and eventually things will start going up.

So…how do you feel? We will do this again around the same time next week. Until then call me if you need me.


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