Screened-in Porch

Me getting a picture taken in front of the screened-in front porch before leaving for church camp.

As April approaches I’ve been feeling nostalgic. My family and I moved into my late Great Grandmother’s house in Kentucky in 2002. It was different than any other place and I had lived before and for the first time we were in a house and not an apartment. With this new development we now had a place that had an actual front porch and a screened-in one to boot.

That was my favorite place to be when it rained.

My favorite part about April is the rain. On early mornings I’d go out onto that screened-in porch and let the it fill my senses. As the drops would pelt the earth all the smells of everything blooming filled the air and the sounds of water falling was like music. It was beautiful to watch as it cleansed everything and when I ventured out into it I just wanted to let it wash over me until I began to shiver. Generally, however, the point of the screened-in porch was so I would be able to enjoy the rain without getting soaked so, usually I would end up sitting on the creaky old green porch swing, painted yellow after a few years, and gently sway back and forth.

That porch went through so many transformations. I remember one year for Halloween we had an old organ out there that didn’t work. We put a stuffed animal alligator as long as a surfboard on the seat wearing a black cape and played a Phantom of the Opera-esque soundtrack from a CD player as trick-or-treaters came by. Throughout the year the porch was usually filled with creaky metal lawn furniture you were afraid to sit on because it began rusting in different places and harboring spiders. For one of the many years my mom taught an art class, she had it at home and on nice days we would draw on that front porch.

It’s been almost 8 years since we’ve lived in that house. I’ve moved twice since then and as much as I love my little apartment I do miss having a front porch I can go out to. Things move so fast nowadays I sometimes imagine a place I can go out to in the country that has a screened-in front porch so when April showers come I can forget my cares and enjoy the simplicity of a rainy afternoon.


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