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Letter to 2016

Dear 2016, I'm starting out this letter in an entirely cliché way and I hope you do not mind. How are you doing?  I know I would be feeling pretty depressed if I was in your shoes. I can imagine it's very hard to take the brunt of all the anger and hatred for what has happened… Continue reading Letter to 2016

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The Ringmaster-Blogtober Day 7

Sometimes I’ll get on these thought trains where I begin to question the very fabric of my life. This ends up being very confusing because when you begin to question foundational things, the rest of life swirls in a jumbled mess in your head. Perhaps if I dropped everything to become a trapeze artist at… Continue reading The Ringmaster-Blogtober Day 7

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Lonely Autumn-Blogtober Day 3

As this time of year rolls around a lot of people talk about leaves crunching underneath their boots, crackling bonfires, pumpkin spice everything (I mean…I can’t even…), finally getting to wear sweaters, and pumpkin carving. I’ve been asked several times if I plan on carving pumpkins. The thought of taking on that project makes me… Continue reading Lonely Autumn-Blogtober Day 3